Fed up

I can’t even tell you how fed up with everything I am. I’m angry at food, calories, the world even though the later isn’t at fault at all. Mostly I’m angry at myself. For having eaten too much for days. For not having restraint and control over my eating habits. For trying and failing all the bloody time…

I want to become better,  healthy and at least a bit thinner but I keep messing it up.

What the hell is wrong with me?


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More experiments, starring Avocado

So the other day I mentioned that I had my first Avocado ever. Today I had my second, because I wanted to experiment a little bit more. A couple of days ago someone on a multimedia platform linked to a recipe that sounded like the perfect breakfast or supper to me. So today I tried it.

The recipe I am talking about is for Egg Stuffed Avocado and you can find it here. It is really easy, just half it, remove the pit, make some more room, put the egg in and whoosh into the oven. I added a bit of diced bacon for some salty taste and it was wonderful! And wow, I was so stuffed after this – totally didn’t expect that.

I actually am starting to get a taste for avocados. Problem with that is, that they are hella expensive. 1.50€ (that’s about 1.62 $) for just one avocado. For that we can buy several items of something else. But maybe every now and then we can get one, as a treat so to say.

Now I have a broccoli sitting here waiting for more experimenting. Maybe tomorrow! 🙂

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Day No idea: Let’s scratch that

So by now I am sure you all know how much I suck to do something daily. So I get lost on the count, might be a good idea to stop doing that. I will keep reporting here when I think of it, but I might not count the days anymore. It just is not a proper representation anyway.

So I have done okay the last few days, but that is how I feel I did. Forgot to put stuff in my food diary, because I am just that bad with this. So I keep trying, sometimes think of it, other times I only think of it half a day, something not at all. I’ll share when I think of it, otherwise you’ll hear some other stories from me.

So yesterday I felt like experimenting. I love salad and my bf brought an iceberg salad from his shopping trip. Usually I pour a can of tuna into it, some dressing and that’s it. Unless I have no tuna then it’s just plain dressing. Yesterday I wanted to try something new, as said experimenting, and I had no idea if it would be any good.

I still had two tangerines and was in the mood for some eggs, so I cooked eggs, cut them up, added cut up pieces of fresh tangerine and hoped it would taste great.


I added some herb yoghurt dressing onto that and oooooh it was wonderful! The eggs added some nice substance and the tangerines added freshness and a special undertone in taste. I was really pleased with it and might do that more often. Experimenting that is. Tangerines are out until Christmas.

Did you ever experiment with something you hoped was good but didn’t know? How did it turn out?

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Day 44: Uhm yeah

So I know I was quiet, which was not really in the spirit of daily accountability. Yeah I’ve always been bad with that, but I am still here and keep thinking of writing and then think that you all must be terribly bored with me telling you about how my day was and how I did. It’s not really very exciting here, nor do I go too deep into things. Well I might change that, every now and then. It really depends on what happens.

So today started actually rather well with my weigh-in. I lost another 0.6 kilogram, so I might not have done too bad in the last few days. Yay me. First day was date day or how I like to call it “Don’t give a hoot about calories”-Day. The other two days after that I didn’t give a hoot about anything, so I did not write down what I ate. But I also didn’t binge which is a rather huge thing. Usually I do that just because there is no proof for that.

Today I felt like eating all the things. Why? One of my favourite actors, Alan Rickman, died and that hurt really bad. Just thinking of it now makes it hard to swallow again. And we know that I’m an emotional eater. Well I didn’t plunder the kitchen which makes me proud of myself. Every time I wanted I checked my food diary on how much I can still eat, and then either munched some or didn’t – various times various checks.

Sometimes I wish that I had this “I’m too sad to eat” thing going on, but I don’t. That means when I don’t do it, when I keep within limit on sad days, stressed days, bummed out days, depression days, sick days etc. I feel like I just unlocked an achievement. One that I can get several times in life, not just once. And me being a gamer girl, that’s quite something to make my own collection. 😉

I also tasted the first Avocado of my life today! I personally wouldn’t recommend to eat it as is, it has a strange taste. But I used it on a slice of bread and put a sunny side egg on it, and it was really tasty. It gave a fascinating underlying taste and the creamy texture was quite a pleasant surprise. I have another half here, let’s see what I can do with that tomorrow. 🙂

So while today was sad and full of emotion and tears, I have done well. Today ends with 2088 of 2460 calories.

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Day 41: Smooth sailing

It was a good day. I was busy most of the time so I did not get bored, which meant no boredom eating. I also felt quite good, which meant no emotional eating. I actually waited until I felt hungry. That’s quite an achievement for me to be honest. I am a big big emotional and boredom eater, so yay.

I’m rather tired now though, so this is only a short post. I feel stuffed like a turkey for thanksgiving – or what I imagine they feel like. Maybe my stomach really gets used to not eating all day.

I just finished putting together my food diary and today ends with 2399 of 2460 calories.

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Day 40: I could have eaten all night

Yes, I’m singing this in the “My fair lady”  tune. Good part of the night was that I haven’t done it.  Actually I checked a few times if I have room in the budget and when it was only like 100 calories I decided to not risk it.

So today ends with 2339 of 2460 calories.

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Day 39: The battle

So after a holiday and Internet break followed by “Ugh leave me be”  I’ll be back in accountability with you guys.

So today I started to put down things in my food diary again and I had the feeling of being full more easily. Toward night the battle with myself began. I was still full from supper, but my inner other half began to demand food. Several times I got up,  checked the fridge for something to eat, but every time I returned to my desk without food. I’ve resisted temptation. And with me going to bed, the battle is over but the war will continue.

Today ends with 2348 of 2460 calories. Booyah!

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