What happens if you ignore medical everything for years

I’ve been very quiet lately, not only here but everywhere. Partly it was because I got super busy, but also because I got sick and I fought with depression. Now I got a long medical update for you because you know what happens when you don’t take care of anything medical for years? It all piles up like crazy. And now that’s kicking my ass.

It started because I got a weird pain in my leg and it started to look bumpy and red. Me being a hero ignored it and thought it was just some random stuff like I bumped into something or I got a rash because of whatever is in the air here. I thought I can get rid of it myself and tried with mountain pine tonic which is supposed to help with blood circulation or hydrocortisone ointment, putting my legs up, cold and warm wraps and stuff like that. You know the stuff mum tells you to do when your legs hurt. But nothing worked, it got actually worse.

So after about 2 or 3 months I had one day of pain so strong I cried because I couldn’t take it anymore. It hurt when I sat, walked, slept, even when the super thin fabric of my pants brushed over it. It was swollen, hot and painful af. So my plan to go to the doctor if it wasn’t better on Monday, became the order to go the next morning. My doctor took a look and since it was a Friday at 10am she couldn’t take blood anymore. Because that was too risky she sent me to the hospital to make sure it wasn’t thrombosis. Well long story short: after 5 hours in the hospital filled with being prodded, poked and examined I got the diagnosis: Erysipelas. Wohoooo no thrombosis!


That apparently is an acute infection caused by a streptococcus bacteria. That’s what I got for scratching my itching legs, or not being able to reach my feet for proper care and not cleaning the flat (which I wrote to you about before). So I got antibiotics and was ordered to rest my leg (which is hard when you gotta run from doctor to doctor) and to report back to my doctor the following Monday. So I did that and she wanted to draw some blood for a full on blood work because the hospital only had done a partial one to make sure I don’t have thrombosis.

When I got back the results the real work started. The numbers did not look too well. I have a too high cholesterol, my long-term blood sugar is waaaay too high, and whatever blood results show the infection was also still not low enough. So I was sent to a dermatologist for my leg which still hurt despite being MUCH better already. I then had to listen to a lecture about my blood sugar – which I already expected – and my cholesterol. But first things first.

The dermatologist took me off the antibiotics but prescribed compression socks because the weight I put on my legs is not helping the healing process. That was two weeks ago, I am still waiting for the socks. Health insurance has to OK them, which means that takes 10 days if I’m lucky and then because my legs are too big and I am too heavy for regular ones they have to special order them. Measurements were taken really fast, but I wish those things were here already. I am tired of the pain and swollen legs all the time. New bloodwork will be done in about 3 weeks to see how it came about. Until I get these socks I use iodine tincture on my leg to help out with the chance of it getting worse again.

Because of my high sugar results (6.7% – 7.5% is normal Hba1c, which is the long-term measurement, I am at 12.2%) I had to make an appointment with my diabetologist. Next open slot was in January, so I actually got on the search for a new diabetologist, because I seriously couldn’t wait that long. It was too pressing. And I feel super lucky that I have found one. I am going to make an extra post about what happened there because it was actually pretty special. But for now: I am taking care of it.

I also have an appointment for an eye doctor in a month. Haven’t had my eyes checked for like 15 – 20 years. Oh my.

The two weeks full of doctor visits have been exhausting. Not only because they generally are, but also because I had to get up early in the mornings, and walk there which to me is a whole day trip, because I am really bad on foot, even without the hurting leg. And having to go out among people, strangers and such is also exhausting for my anxiety. Right now it calmed down some. And I start to feel accomplished for actually taking care of myself.

Do you take care of yourself? Do you struggle with it? Did you ever have to catch up with all your medical appointments of a 5 year period in 2 weeks? Tell me your story and share your experiences down in the comments!


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My heart

Today I finally had the appointment at the cardiologist for some tests because of my high blood pressure. After I went already through the other tests with the Kidney doctor I was looking forward to get it over with. So I was supposed to have a heart echo, exercise ECG, 24 hours Blood pressure and a rest ECG. Half of that we got done, so impressive .. NOT 


 Actually the Doctor told me “Forget about the bike, you are too heavy for it and we can forget about the 24 hours BP too your arm is too thick for the cuff.” Yes I know, and I could have told anyone earlier if that stupid  receptionist would have stopped being a bitch and cut me off after every second word when i called for the appointment. So I waited a full month for an appointment because they are so very busy to get treated very rudely and icecold as if it is my fault that their equipment cannot handle me. I know I weight too much but I lost 65kg on my frigging own without anyone of those people helping because I could not pay them. But I rarely hear that I am doing good from any of them, all I hear is “It’s not enough”. 


And frankly that pisses me off. I am patient I am nice, but starting to look at me as if I am a disease you do not want to have around in your medical practice really makes me angry. 


On the good side, the table I had to lie on for the ECG did not collapse, my heartbeat is reguar and the heart echo did not show anything bad. The walls of my heart are a bit too thick but that is from the untreated high blood pressure. Oh and I got a prescription for a blood pressure meter so I can check on it myself at home. Only that all parts of my arm are too thick for a normal one and it is hard to get one that fits. I need a new prescription but I am not going back to that cardiologist for that. I rather ask my house doctor.


Next week I am going to get the results from the kidney doctor, who did a lot of blood and urin tests including 24 hours urin and blood tests that i cannot remember that anyone ever did them. He was a great doctor by the way, reminding me to not forget how far I have come.


I can only thank all my friends. They had kept me sane after I was really upset when I got home. I love when I am angry at someone and they pull out their verbal baseball bats showing me that they got my back. Supporting me and giving me tips on how I can go on was also on the program, showing me that I am doing good and on the right way, reminding me how much I have accomplished and that I should not let anyone pull me down. I cannot say how much I appreciate everyone standing by my side. Thank you.



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