Getting there

This is just a super quick update. I have been anxious I handed my paperwork in at the Adipositas center. It took a long time and I already thought that I had done something wrong or things were missing but eventually the paperwork was sent to my insurance.

The person in charge for my proposal sent me a letter to confirm that they got the paperwork and had sent it in to the medical assessment office. I actually had to check online why they had done this and if that is normal. And yes it was. The people at the insurance have no medical knowledge, or little, so they ask the experts if the surgery is medically necesarry. You know I get that, but if you look at my data which was included, you see a 6’3” tall woman with over 470lbs on their bones. Who needs a doctor to know that I need this? Well they do apparently.

It took another week when I finally heard something. In the morning – I had just slept for 2 hours – my boyfriend woke me with the phone in his hand. The clinic! I was wide awake right away. They informed me that the insurance has approved the surgery, which means they pay for it and it can finally happen!

Before even getting a surgery date I have to have a pre-check appointment with the anaesthesiologist and the surgeon. Those will happen on the 22nd this month. On that day I am supposed to get my surgery date. If you ask me they can just keep me there and get it over with. I can hardly wait!